Myasthenia Graves Research Group


MG Research

Methotrexate II

Principal Investigator Richard Barohn, MD
Site-PI Michael Benatar, MD, PhD
Summary The specific aim of this trial is to determine if oral methotrexate is an effective therapy for patients with generalized myasthenia gravis who are dependent on prednisone. Patients with inadequately controlled disease despite treatment with prednisone will be randomized to receive either methotrexate or placebo. The hypothesis is that the addition of methotrexate will improve the manifestation of myasthenia and permit tapering of the prednisone dose.
Eligibility criteria
  • Generalized myasthenia gravis,
  • Elevated acetylcholine receptor antibody titers
  • Prednisone dose of at least 10mg/day (stable dose for at least 30 days)
  • No current or prior (within 60 days) treatment with other immune suppressive therapy including IVIg
  • No thymoma
  • No prior use of methotrexate
Funding agency Food and Drug Administration
Collaborators Richard Barohn, MD
Mamatha Pasnoor, MD
Mazen Dimachkie, MD
Project manager
Contact information
Presentations / Publications
  • Pasnoor M, He J, Herbelin L, Dimachkie M, Barohn RJ; Muscle Study Group. Phase II trial of methotrexate in myasthenia gravis. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2012;1275:23-28.